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With so many charities needing support, trying to understand what they all achieve can be overwhelming. So we’ve created categories (for you to choose) we believe best aid the devastating effects of COVID-19 and paired them with organisations specialised in relieving these specific areas.

We will direct a portion of the profits towards supporting the categories of your choice. This not only allows you to choose the causes dearest to you, but also simplifies the process of giving back.

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Stress, and anxiety disorders have understandably increased after COVID-19, and gotten worse for those with pre-existing mental health issues.

Organisations in this category provide mental health counseling and assistance to those who need it.

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This pandemic has spared no particular group of people. However the situation is drastically worse for vulnerable communities where social distancing is simply not an option.

Organisations in this category provide care packages to vulnerable communities.

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Despite schools reopening, many underprivileged students can not resume their education as Covid-19 has left countless households with no income, further amplifying the education gap between the haves and have nots.

Organisations in this category provide tuition fees and basic expenses for underprivileged students.

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These uncertain times have caused record unemployment spikes, leading to more hunger than ever before. Food banks and kitchens are facing unprecedented demand to serve people who previously have not needed support.

Organisations in this category focus on providing food to those in need.

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